• Materials and Treatments

    Materials and Treatments

  • Behind every piece of street furniture there is the story of the materials composing it: the care with which we select them, and the techniques used to transform them. We love steel: we understand it intimately, and craft it with great care and passion. Right from the start, we have always believed in the power of colour. We have been the first to understand the potential of using Corten in street furniture and we have developed our own maturation process exploiting atmospheric agents by limiting the use of water, ensuring every single product unique and a one-off.

    We choose wood from responsibly managed forests and treat it with the care that a living material deserves. Every day, we ask ourselves what solutions will be required in the future: we have enthusiastically embraced issues concerning sustainability, the incredible flexibility of WPC, and the elegant practicality of HPL. We have let ourselves be inspired by concrete, its expressive power and material nature. We get never tired of studying it, developing it, and making it perform better and in a more sustainable way.

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