Altus Latus display board

Display board made up of two vertical elements in two diameters and two heights, entirely in aluminium but with a steel internal post, and of a signage board, inserted in (more...)


Annunci display stands

Display board made of steel with a stainless steel plate edging and base. The display surface, measuring 934×455 mm, is protected by tempered glass with hinges and a key locking (more...)


Aspen information post

Information post made up of a supporting, triangular section, tubular post to concrete-in, coated with steel sheet. Together with an information board in steel sheet, customisable with adhesives and prespaced (more...)


Athos information panel

Information panel made up of a steel sheet support, constructed from a curved profile with base plate, and a shaped stainless steel panel which is fixed to the support with (more...)


Bach display stands

Dispaly board available in two single-sided sizes, with structure made ​​of a tubular steel frame and a  pressed steel panel. The door is made of a extruded aluminium profile with (more...)


Chamonix display board

Display board made up of a supporting, triangular section, tubular structure to concrete-in, coated with steel sheet. Together with an information board in steel sheet, it can be personalized on (more...)


Cosmos information post

Information post made of extruded aluminium, available in two heights, reinforced with a tubular steel insert, with base and end cap in steel sheet. Extruded aluminium signs are fixed to (more...)


Expo two-faced totem

Double-sided display board made of High Performance Concrete (HPC), available with or without tempered glass doors supported by hinges and a locking system. The display area on both sides is 700x1000 (more...)


Icaro display board

Double-sided display board made entirely out of steel sheet, fixed to the ground with a special stainless steel base block. The display surface, measuring 700×1000 mm, may be protected by (more...)


Lanzarote information post

Information post available in two versions, in tubular steel or in extruded aluminium with tubular steel insert. The post is equipped with a semi-spherical steel end cap and aesthetic base (more...)



Information panel comprising a flat powder coated steel structure and an aluminium-composite panel. The panel can be supplied with screen-printed text or with logos. POWDER COATED STEEL + ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL FIXING: PRE-DRILLED (more...)


Lettere capital letters

Box structures made from laser cut welded sheet parts. Each letter is equipped with a brushed stainless steel plinth for ground fixing. To compose words, the letters and numbers are (more...)


Omniexpo information post

Information post made up of a steel bearing structure clad, on two sides, with two sheets of corten steel. The information board is made up of a shaped rectangular tube (more...)


Partners display board

Display case, available in single or double sided formats, made of a pair of extruded aluminium supports, reinforced with a tubular steel insert with base plates and caps in steel (more...)


Pegasus touch screen display multifunctional

Information point with swivel touch screen display with a steel support structure, illuminated base and platform customizable with  pre-spaced sticker writings. POWDER COATED STEEL FIXINGS: FREE STANDING (INDOOR ONLY) (more...)


Senna display stands

Display composed of a structure in steel, with base plate and  information table in  aluminum composite, customizable with pre-spaced stickers and written text. POWDER COATED STEEL OR CORTEN STEEL + ALUMINIUM (more...)


Sil information post

Wayfinder information post consisting of a tubular steel pole with base plate, coated with special spacers to split the support elements from the signs. The pole can be mounted with (more...)


Targa espositore

Display board made of a bearing structure in section “T” profile steel and double doors in steel sheet, fixed with hidden stainless steel screws. Display surface: 1400x1000 mm. POWDER COATED STEEL (more...)


Ted display stands

Display composed of a supporting structure in tubular steel, coated with a steel sheet, customizable with pre-spaced stickers or writtings made of laser cut stainless steel letters. Available in three (more...)