Paris | Daumesnil Avenue | France

Urban Furniture for the Redevelopment of Daumesnil Avenue in Paris

The redevelopment of urban areas contributes to improve the quality life of the environment, a fundamental factor that determines if a city is healthy and welcoming. Now, more than ever, we need cities made of places designed for us, where citizens can feel at ease.


Urban furniture plays an important role to instill a sense of belonging and Metalco knows it well. This is why, for the redevelopment of Daumesnil Avenue in Paris, we developed Viaduc: a range of modular street furniture designed by Noir Vif studio and manufactured by Metalco.


Viaduc urban seatings are made of casting aluminium alloy, stainless steel, larch wood, Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC). The plurality of materials and finishes, combined with a simple construction principle, make it possible to compose a large number of configurations and ensure simple maintenance.


The choice of materials (powder coated or polished metal alloys, solid wood, fineness of Ultra High Performance Concrete) as well as the quality of the finishes makes this modular street furniture suitable for a wide range of urban situations, including heritage contexts, such as historical downtowns similar to Daumesnil Avenue’s context.


Daumesnil Avenue is located alongside the Viaduc des Arts, which is an old railway viaduct of stones and pink bricks that was once crossed by the ancient Bastille line. Today the train line is closed and replaced by an urban promenade and its sixty vaults host a series of workshops and exhibition spaces where the most diverse traditional craft activities take place, such as glass blowing, furniture manufacturing and jewellery making.