Tramway of Luxembourg

Location: Luxembourg
Year: 2018
Project: Tramway Stations In partnership with Mobil Concepts and IPL for LUXTRAM
Designer: Marc Aurel

With its 7 km long and 15-stop route, Luxembourg’s first tram line connects the Central Station to LuxExpo, on the Kirchberg plateau, providing an indispensable service which links the most important areas in the city.

The route has been carefully studied to serve a daily potential number of passengers of over 10,000.

It is along this section that modular shelters have been installed, designed to accommodate billboards and information panels.

These are grey in colour and the style has been designed to be sober yet elegant.

The glass side walls, laser-cut steel panels and polycarbonate roofs ensure that they blend in perfectly with their urban surroundings.

The shelters offer maximum comfort to users thanks to their comfortable benches, perch seats and a lighting system that guarantees good visibility even at night.