Padova | Italy

Pavilions | Padova Railway Station ITALY

Location: Padova | Italy 
Year: 2012
For APS S.p.A.
Project: The construction of three service pavilions at Padua railway station
Designer: CZstudio associati

The ambitious redevelopment plan for Padua railway station saw the creation of an elegant, completely pedestrian-only square, designed to become a very comfortable, highly functional urban island, offering a perfect balance of sun-shade and green areas, and designed to provide the community with a service.

With the aim of guaranteeing high quality standards and encouraging the use of public transport , the project involved the construction of three glass and steel pavilions designed to house the city’s Mobility Centre, ticket offices and other associated premises: real multi-functional structures, aimed at making the whole area a polyfunctional hub for city and regional public transport.

All three pavilions were made of metal with a support structure in hot-galvanized and painted steel, based on a floor plan with a square module of about 4 × 4 metres or rectangular of 4 × 2 metres.

The smaller pavilion (26 square metres) is reserved for law enforcement use, APS inspectors and taxi drivers and is located near the central space of the square to ensure greater visibility and proximity to the taxi lane. The other two structures, of 60m 2 and 135 m 2 respectively, are used as ticket offices and located in strategic points to intercept the flows of people exiting towards the city and towards the university faculties.

The pavilions have been completed with installed elements consisting of UPN 160 profiles along the entire lower perimeter, while the upper perimeter is provided with an L-shaped profile with welded steel brackets for fixing the facade. The external vertical closures are opaque, made with impact-resistant Corten steel panels.

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