Bucarest | Romania

Multi Storey Car Park | Bucarest ROMANIA

Location: Bucarest | Romania
Year: 2019
For Sector 4 — Bucarest
Project: Multi Storey Car Park
Designer: R&D Metalco Department + Arch. Massimo Tasca

Located in the centre of the Valacca plain, between the Danube and the Carpathian mountains, Bucharest is the capital and most populous city in Romania.

It is rich in history and characterized by varied architectural style, and during the Belle Époque it was nicknamed «Little Paris» for the monumental elegance of its buildings and avenues.

Successive upheavals related to recent history and the great demographic growth of the last few years have meant the city is now having to face new urban challenges and a growing need for improved infrastructure.

Among the most significant problems facing the capital is that of parking: the economic boom has led to a significant increase in vehicles and the consequent need to create structures able to accommodate them.

With this challenge in mind, a multi-storey car park was constructed; the attractively-designed structure is made entirely of stretched metal sheeting, where the grill panelling affords protection from the elements, whilst at the same time maintaining a sense of open space.

To let light and air filter through the structure, the whole building is interspersed with decorative windows.

The window shutters have been painted to match the colours of the municipal district where the car park has been erected and brighten up the neighbourhood, even during the night, thanks to the LED lighting system.