Grau d’Adge | France

DIAMANTE BENCHES AND shading structure | Grau d’Agde FRANCE

Location: Grau d’Adge | France
Year: 2013
Project: For Ville dAgde
Designer: Vincent Guillermin

Located on the city’s seafront, a large steel shader stands out from the city behind it, perched atop its 10-foot high strutted poles.

The entire space is furnished with Diamante seats with backs in laser-cut steel.

The decorative element gives personality to the rest area, reminiscent of the movement of the sea and creating an element perfectly in keeping with the context of the installation.

The large shader, which covers an area of 30 m2, is made of laser-cut steel sheet, also shaped into the form a wave, which gives character and personality to the entire work.