Mogliano | Italy

Fish Market | Mogliano ITALY

Location: Mogliano Veneto | Italy 
Year: 2019
For city of Mogliano Veneto
Project: Fish Market
Designer: MADE Associati

This project to redevelop the market square resulted from Mogliano town council’s need to refurbish an urban space with the aim being that it would provide a service to the community. The purpose of the intervention was to restore identity and character to an area that serves as a link with the historic town centre.
Thus the northern part of the square has been converted into an entirely pedestrian area and designed to house the covered fish market.

With the aim of refurbishing urban decor and creating a functional focal point, the structure was designed to exploit the available spaces to the full as well as guaranteeing that commercial operators has adequate space.

The light steel cover guarantees protection from the elements, whilst at the same time providing an attractive design.

The overall shape of the entire installation takes its inspiration from the metal cans that fish are normally sold in, but it is above all the external fascia that gives character and distinction to the structure thanks to the over 200 coloured metal panels that are designed to be reminiscent of the iridescent scales of a fish.

The fish market is also equipped with an autonomous water disposal system inside the pillars and LED lighting integrated into the roof.