BENCHES Savignano sul Rubicone | ITALY



Regenerating Piazza Borghesi and Piazza Giovanni XXIII in Savignano sul Rubicone. The one the counterpoint of the other. One is a representative square, the beating heart of markets, fairs, events. The other is a piazza for recreation, a small green lung in the heart of the old town.

Piazza Borghesi is regenerated in just a few steps:
1. a new, solid porphyry pavement;
2. new, elegant perimeter lighting;
3. two equipped perimeter strips of green, of light, of furniture: trees and shrubs shade and refresh, small points of light among the shrubs like fireflies fascinate and excite, comfortable custom-made furniture welcomes and embraces. Everything is there to enrich Piazza Borghesi with meaning and possibilities.

Piazza Giovanni XXIII can be regenerated in just a few moves:
1.transforming this space from an Italian-style garden to a large, permeable and inclusive park;
2. a new architectural carpet, for new textures on the ground;
3. a white ribbon, fresh and bright, that surrounds and defines the park and ripples into seats;
4. a circle of flowering cherry trees, an iconic green landmark for the park and the world of children
5. the double-face stairway, part porphyry, part green, a manifesto and emblem of this suggestive caesura between city and country, between man and nature.

Everything is there to bring people back to the centre, once again.