São Francisco de Paula, RS | BRAZIL


The gardens of Mátria Parque are a true work of art, where visitors can stroll and enjoy the colors of nature, among more than 2 million flowers.
The botanical collection of Mátria has 300 different species, a rose garden with more than 22,000 roses, 12,000 trees and a 102m long wisteria tunnel, one of the largest in the world. The architectural project is by Nicholas Alencar, Alencar Arquitetura, while the landscape design is by Juliana Castro, JA8 Architecture and Landscape. And it is precisely through the architect Juliana Castro that Matria Park has found in Metalco the ideal partner for the urban furnishing of the park.
The products acquired to relax and also to play were various models of benches, chaise longue, litter bins and bicycle racks, as well as products designed by architect Juliana Castro and produced by Metalco, such as the Tempo swing, installed to enjoy the pleasant comings and goings of the suspended body.
One of the highlights of the project was the Stone bench which is a replica of a river stone, all built in concrete: this product offers an aesthetic and functional design solution, perfect to be installed in the gardens of Mátria.

Crediti: JA8 Architecture and Landscape, Alencar Arquitetura
foto: Jô Moreira – Marcelo Messias