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Collection Stile Molecular Concrete

Uluru Collection modular bench

Design Andrea Morgante Shiro studio

Modular bench with organic shapes made of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), available in single-seat plane/table, single-seat with backrest and two-seater with backrest in ALFA finish versions.
The modularity of both the painted steel support and the single elements in UHPC enables it to be inserted in different compositions.
Fixings: free standing with pedestals or cemented to floor with threaded rods.

> Uluru awarded at the MIAW 2016

Our Uluru modular bench, designed by Andrea Morgante of Shiro Studio, won the prestigious Muuuz International Awards by Archidesignclub.

Mobilconcepts, our partner in France, received the award for us, during the ceremony at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental Opera in Paris.

ULURU_Muuuz International Award_2016

 Muuuz International Awards

Sizes and Configurations

Finishings and materials

Sizes and Configurations
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Finishings and materials

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Uluru Collection modular bench

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